The technical specifications of the VarioSplit 900 at a glance

Max. cutting height370 mm
Max. workpiece width353 mm
Max. cutting width to the right/left of the saw blade200 mm
Min. cutting width to the right/left of the saw blade10 mm
Feed speed (frequency-controlled)5 - 40 m/min
Feed motor1.1 kW
Band saw wheel diameter915 mm
Band saw wheel width90 mm
Band saw blade speed35 m/sec
Saw motor15 kW
Weight2,100 kg
TWIN dimensions – length x width x height1.20 x 1.85 x 2.55 m
Working height975 mm
Width stop adjustable via electric motorX
Automatic band cleaning and lubricationX
Spraying deviceX
Frequency-controlled saw blade speed (30 - 40 m/sec)X
Motorized band saw blade tensioningX
Touchscreen controlsX
Automatic width measurementX