Perfect automatic sorting

WEINIG OptiCut 200-Serie

Priority for OK parts - when sorting with a high cutting capacity, reliable separation of waste and OK parts is particularly important. In the intelligently controlled waste shaft of the DimterLine OptiCut 200 series, we offer you a reliable solution for all saws. The accurate sorting of OK parts increases production flow during cutting.

The intelligently controlled waste shaft sits directly in the saw. The shaft is precisely harmonized with the performance of the cross-cut saws. This means waste parts are reliably separated from the OK parts, avoiding problems with sorting and further processing. The multi-stage system also allows longer waste parts to be directly discharged – avoiding additional stages that impact performance. The most competent solution around for reliable sorting and trouble-free production – with full capacity utilization of the saws.

Automatic sorting - the OptiCut cuts at a rapid pace. And it knows all of the cut lengths. This means consistency when subsequently sorting by length, quality, etc. Particularly with order-specific production. The simplifies logistics and saves on personnel.