Technical data

Technical data EasyScan RL
Max. speed (m/min) 80 m/min
Max. boards / min 20
Min. / max. infeed length (mm) 1200 - 6500
Min. / max. infeed width (mm) 100 - 450
Min. / max. infeed thickness (mm) 10 - 100
Types of wood Hardwood / softwood
Working height (mm) 920 mm
Laser camera, 1 side - 2 sides Standard
Dot laser Option
LED lighting Standard
Color camera Option
Automatic positioning Standard
Touchscreen Standard


All scanners are adapted to specific customer requirements. The data can therefore vary.

Subject to technical alterations. Information and pictures in this brochure may include optional equipment

that is not included in standard delivery. Some protective covers were removed for photographing.