Gluing with WEINIG: Optimal solutions for your panel production

When it comes to gluing mouldings and lamellae or high-grade solid-wood panels WEINIG is a first-class system supplier. For more than 40 years the gluing specialist has produced presses that guarantee an economical, perfect panel jointing.

At WEINIG you find the complete offering for first-class production, from the uncomplicated basic machine up to the highly automated pressing line with integrated panel sizing and feeding systems. Intelligent pressing sequences make it possible to produce panels with minimal offset and as a result they influence the quality and the value of the end product. New gluing techniques take care of the exact glue dosage and at the same time reduce times for pressing, heating and cleaning.

The benefits of this are:


  • Quick, economic production
  • Significantly reduced gluing costs
  • Permanently firm joints
  • Minimum post-processing

WEINIG products and solutions for gluing and pressing

In the area of gluing and pressing for panel production, the WEINIG product portfolio offers the right solution for every requirement: presses independent of length, presses independent of width and high performance presses.

WEINIG ProfiPress L II

WEINIG ProfiPress L II

The compact high-frequency gluing press for industry and trade.

  • Multiplication of the daily capacity compared to manual gluing
  • Extremely efficient input of high-frequency energy in the glue joint.
  • Extremely user-friendly and maximum flexibility
  • Mechanization and automation solutions are available as options.
  • The best gluing and panel quality
Detail page ProfiPress L II

WEINIG ProfiPress T

WEINIG ProfiPress T

Perfectly adjusted, the upper mid-range

  • Efficient even with small batch sizes
  • Unlimited panel width possible
  • Optimum machine utilization at all times as a result of a system that is not dependent on width
  • Low post-processing as a result of minimum additional sanding
  • Modular combinations possible - even after purchase!
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WEINIG ProfiPress C

WEINIG ProfiPress C

The very best. Non-stop high-performance

  • Very high performance potential
  • Perfect surface quality
  • Maximum precision of machine and end product
  • Convenient and user-friendly
  • Best integration into existing, productivity-enhancing WEINIG system solutions
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WEINIG ProfiPress L B

High-frequency gluing press for window scantlings, beams and panels

  • High performance thanks to short cycle times
  • Intelligent high-frequency heating technology for a perfect gluing and product quality
  • Comfortable and safe handling
  • High-frequency shielding with lowest radiation values to guarantee high working safety
  • Modular system - upgrades possible