An example of Glulam production – using WEINIG system solutions

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Duo and trio beams and glulam production are tried and tested solid wood products for supporting structures made from solid timber. In duo beams they consist of two, trio beams three and glulam multiple dried boards (lamellae) that are glued to each other, parallel to the grain. This structure gives them considerably higher stability than the customary construction timber.

Duo/trio beams and glulam are a very stable building material, depending on how they are produced, they are easy to process and have a lower tendency to crack. In addition to standard and straight building components, glulam is also available in shapes with different cross sections or with curves.


Our system solution

We can provide you with perfectly harmonized production lines – that match your required capacity levels and investments:

  1. Material feeding more
  2. Pre-planing
  3. Evaluation of timber features
  4. Optimizing cutting
  5. Finger jointing more
  6. Curing of the finger jointed lamellae
  7. Planing lamellae more
  8. Gluing and pressing
  9. Beam planing
  10. Touch ups in the finishing stage
  11. Cutting to length

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