Jointing technology Top quality at high feed speeds

To guarantee a consistently high surface quality for the work pieces, the joint land which appears on the tip of the knife must not exceed a specific width. This must not exceed 0.5 mm in softwood or 0.7 mm in hardwood.

Jointing stones made of ceramic bonded mineral powders are used for HSS knives while special WEINIG jointing stones are used for carbide knives.

Images: Straight jointer with automatic jointing stone advancement. Profile jointer with automatic jointing stone advancement.

Requirements of jointing

... for the moulder:

  • Heavy machine stand
  • Even feed
  • High capacity spindles
  • Optimal spindle speed
  • Jointing device

WEINIG moulders from the Powermat and Hydromat series fulfill these

... for the tool:

  • PowerLock or hydro-tool
  • Precise straight or profile knife grinder (WEINIG Rondamat series)
  • Optimally polished tool with ideal concentric tolerance below 0.01 mm
  • Reduced angle on the knife back