WEINIG HS 120 / HS 200: The nonplus ultra of the high-performance class

HS 200 Spinfeed

The horizontal single timber shapers from WEINIG are the fastest in the world. Continuous throughfeed of up to 200 parts per minute and 12 press cycles per minute make this system a production giant.

High-performance components such as fully-automatic feeding and front end control can also be integrated.

Wood that does not meet specific quality criteria can be excluded from further processing without being glued. Tool systems with varying diameters of 228.6 to 266.7 mm or 9 to 10 ½ inches can be run.

WEINIG finger jointing line for short timber pieces offers you

WEINIG HS 120/HS 200 offers you

  • From a manual to a fully automatic system
  • Heavy cast iron construction of the shaper body
  • Shortest wood entry length 110 mm
  • (Wood) quality monitoring, defective parts are automatically identified and removed
  • Glue monitoring using a scanner (optional)
  • Up to 200 parts/min (3.3 parts/s)
  • Shaper spindles can be adjusted axially and radially
  • Tool adjustment in the 1/100 mm range
  • Motor pressure from above in the shaper range
  • Inclusive teleservice (remote maintenance) for improved customer support

Technical Details

Horizontal finger joint

Positive-negative profile
Trapeze profile

Horizontal finger joints are mainly used in furniture construction. The shoulder profiles provide, for example, table plates that look like parquet where only the straight butt joints are visible.

The positive-negative profile is the second most common profile in a shaper combination because the system only needs to be equipped with three scoring units instead of four and produces high quality visible joints.

The trapeze profile is also called “American Profile” because this finger joint originates from the US and is usually delivered with a finger joint length of 1/4 inch.

Horizontal finger joint (special)

Half shoulder profile
Reverse shoulder profile

Both of these horizontal profiles are special profiles and are hardly used in ProfiJoint Combination because they only offer advantages with individual shaper lines.

The half shoulder profile can be run in manual and in fully automatic lines.

The reverse shoulder profile is mainly used for the simplest lines where, sometimes, no scoring unit is used.


Making good connections

Finger jointing is the best procedure for producing stable longitudinal joints. When the quality is right, lasting connections can be made that reach as far as Malaysia. Tiger Excellent has demonstrated this with a new show of faith. 

Tiger Excellent Wood is a leading manufacturer of semi-finished products from the plantation wood "rubberwood" in Malaysia. Following positive past experiences with complete provider WEINIG, company boss Tiger You has recently made a number of additions to his value chain. With WEINIG, he has always found the components he needed to make his production more efficient and to improve the quality of his products. As a result, a close connection has been formed. Tiger You's most recent coup was to invest in a HS 200+ high-performance finger jointing line with a capacity of 240 parts per minute. In conjunction with the company's existing WEINIG scanner and cross-cutting system, the new technology has helped the company to achieve further increases in capacity with significantly higher wood recovery. Material and wood savings are boosted considerably by the GlueEye Vision automatic glue application monitoring and the Trimsaver measuring and positioning system, which can save 100,000 running meters of wood per year. Other priorities of the Malaysian entrepreneur included robust machine technology and simple operation. The reliable HS 200+ high-tech flat finger jointing line has allowed him to take his production to new levels despite some challenging climatic conditions and the basic qualifications of some of his personnel. 

The right connection: left to right Jacky Tan (Tiger Excellent Wood), Dirk Bartens (WEINIG Grecon), Tiger You (Managing Director of Tiger Excellent Wood) and Sunny Wee (WEINIG Asia)

Further information


Simple, fast and sustainable: more details in a downloadable PDF document.

Product brochure HS 120/HS 200 (PDF, 9 MB)

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