Optimizing cross-cut saw OptiCut 200 Extreme: The powerhouse for maximum performance

WEINIG OptiCut 200-Serie

The OptiCut 200 Extreme is available for difficult and lower grade wood. Even tapered or highly irregular workpieces are transported safely via a robust chain infeed. A special measuring system reliably records the entire length of the wood, so that even the undersized areas can be treated in a controlled manner in the saw. Chain transport ensures a high degree of dimensional accuracy, as the workpiece does not slip during transport. The measuring wheel in the saw ensures exact cutting of the OK parts - independent of slippage. Powerful motors enable maximum daily capacity. Not only do you benefit from the wood savings provided by the standard full optimization, but the OptiCut 200 Extreme also becomes considerably more productive thanks to its performance, high technical availability and simple operation. In addition, the cross-cut saw has the unique intelligently controlled waste gate.


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The WEINIG OptiCut 200 Extreme provides

  • Powerful feed via chain infeed system
  • Unique length measuring system
  • Pneumatic saw stroke
  • Cutting of cross-sections up to 260 x 12 mm or 160 x 80 mm is possible
  • Saw blade diameter 520 mm
  • Integrated waste gate as standard
  • Measuring wheel in front of saw blade
  • Min. fixed length behind saw blade: 140 mm
  • Cutting tolerance ± 0.8 mm to 1000 mm length

Technical Details

Durable and robust machine concept

The OptiCut 200 Extreme, a machine concept with a very robust design, has been developed for permanent maximum performance in lengthwise cutting of large cross-sections and heavy workpieces of any wood quality. In addition to the use of high-quality standard components, the optimization software and the intelligent machine control system guarantee the best optimization of the input material.

Reliability and safety as standard

The OptiCut offers the safest solutions for reliable and trouble-free production even in the standard version – with full capacity utilization of the saws. Machine components, such as the intelligently controlled waste gate, which is precisely harmonized with the performance of the cross-cut saw, ensure smooth production. With the help of the waste gate, the waste parts are reliably separated from the OK parts immediately after cutting, avoiding problems with sorting and further processing. The system also allows longer waste parts to be directly discharged – avoiding additional stages that impact performance.

Unique feed and length measuring system

The OptiCut 200 Extreme is fed and the workpiece length is measured by a special chain infeed system. The chain transport ensures high dimensional accuracy even with the most difficult and lower grade wood (unprocessed/cracked), because the overhead pressure rollers push the workpiece firmly onto the chains and thus provide safe transport to the saw blade. A slippage-dependent measuring wheel in front of the saw blade ensures high cutting accuracy.

Trouble-free processing of tapered wood

A special light sensor is used to detect the tips of a tapered length of timber. This means that the length of the work pieces is measured accurately and the tips can be treated as waste in the defined manner. An extended cylinder stroke of the top pressure rollers allows tapered workpieces to be transported and processed in a controlled manner.

Secure workpiece guidance

From the marker table to sorting, the OptiCut guarantees continuous and secure workpiece guidance. For example, inside the cross-cut saw, a continuous fence ensures a clean and exact alignment and a right-angled cut of the workpieces.

Options for extension

Cross-feeding in the infeed

Increased performance thanks to infeed buffering

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Special top pressure

Maintain the grip despite large differences in thickness and larger curvatures within a workpiece.

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Workpiece marking

Thanks to workpiece marking, part allocation can be significantly simplified. The marking can be adapted individually.

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