Optimizing cross-cut saw OptiCut 260: Efficient performance through intelligent solutions

WEINIG OptiCut 200-Serie

High performance without compromising on standards is the advantage that the OptiCut 260 offers you. Independently-driven measuring wheels only measure when the wood is in motion. Uncontrollable slippage or belt elongation in the infeed system do not distort the cutting results as the machine cuts at precisely the intended point. This avoids errors with good quality wood and guarantees precise fixed lengths regardless of the wood quality. Standard conveyor belts reduce the operating costs of the machines, which are profitable all-round.


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The WEINIG OptiCut 260 provides

  • VarioSpeed infeed belt as standard
  • 5 driven feed rollers from below, pressure rollers from above
  • Pneumatic saw stroke
  • Cutting of cross-sections up to 260 x 12 mm or 160 x 80 mm is possible
  • Saw blade diameter 500 mm
  • Integrated waste gate as an option
  • Measuring wheel in front of saw blade
  • Min. fixed length behind saw blade: 140 mm
  • Cutting tolerance ± 0.8 mm to 1000 mm length

Technical Details

Increased profitability

Our optimizing cross-cut saws offer high performance potential in every respect. To maximize this potential, the intelligently controlled VarioSpeed, among other things, reduces the spacing between consecutive workpieces as much as possible. The OptiCut thus provides a continuous supply or workpieces, so that the idle time of the machine is minimized. This increases the efficiency and productivity of the optimizing cross-cut saw.

Highest value

Cross-cutting is one of the most important procedures in solid wood processing, because it is at the cutting stage that the quantity of wood available for further processes in production and the quality of the final product are determined. Even in its standard version, the OptiCut 260 offers full optimization of the incoming material, i.e. the measurement of the entire workpiece is carried out independently of the drive and slippage before the first saw cut. The operator only marks the defects and/or different qualities, and the optimizing cross-cut saw does the rest, always focusing on a maximum yield and/or the highest material value. Finger-jointing lengths are fully integrated into the optimization and up to 8 different wood qualities can be classified.

Dynamic feed

The wide feed rollers hold the wood securely. The rollers are deeply embedded in the table, preventing tipping of short lengths and maintaining straight, precise cutting. Individually cycled pressure rollers from above create the required counter-pressure for rapid and precise positioning without correction runs the impact performance. The pressure rollers only lower after the start of the board, meaning vibration-free and low-wear operation. The strong drive unit guarantees high long-term performance.

Future-oriented and flexible

Adjust the OptiCut to your individual needs, for different wood qualities have different requirements. That is why WEINIG offers the right equipment package for every application including suitable pressure and feed rollers with different surface coatings, which can be changed in a short time if necessary.

Secure workpiece guidance

From the marker table to sorting, the OptiCut guarantees continuous and secure workpiece guidance. For example, inside the cross-cut saw, a continuous fence ensures a clean and exact alignment and a right-angled cut of the workpieces.

Options for extension

Integrated waste gate

Safe discharge of waste parts directly after the cut

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Servo saw stroke for higher cutting quality

Cleaner cut and minimized tearing

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Equipment package for increased accuracy

Increase in length accuracy for fixed lengths up to 1000 mm

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Equipment package for wet wood

Detection and processing of wood thicknesses up to 3 mm

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WEINIG scanner systems

Workpiece properties can be detected fully automatically and during production. Cutting is then performed automatically based on the data obtained.

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